5 Things to Know about the New Shows at Georgia Aquarium

  • Dolphins at the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is located at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of the Georgia Aquarium.
The Georgia Aquarium is located at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of the Georgia Aquarium.

1. The new Under the Boardwalk sea lion experience AND the all-new Dolphin Celebration program are FREE with your general admission ticket to Georgia Aquarium. No need to pay extra for loads of animal antics!

2. EVERYONE is excited to see the new sea lion show, so you’ll want to get in line early. I recommend finding your place in line no less than 45 minutes before the start of the show.

You’ll find a “sea lion selfie” station near the line and the sea lion exhibit, where you’ll see these beauties splish and splash. Need something more to do? Download the Georgia Aquarium App to learn more about the animals onsite, or try your hand at this Georgia Aquarium Scavenger Hunt.

Sea lions at the Georgia Aquarium
Sea lions at the Georgia Aquarium

3. Think you’ve already seen the dolphin show? Think again. Dolphin Celebration just started this month, and it is an entirely NEW show. This show is less “Broadway” and more of a fun educational experience.

The first half of the show features a dolphin trainer that talks about dolphins while they strut their stuff — dolphin anatomy, the training program and more. The second half of the show is ALL DOLPHINS! The lights dim and the music bellows as these graceful, smart mammals dive, dance and jump into your heart.

4. The first 10 rows of Dolphin Celebration are the “wet zone,” and they seem to be even more of a “damp” experience than they were in the previous show. For me and my boys, that is a TON OF FUN, but if you have a small baby or you just got your hair done, you might want to head back beyond Row 10.

5. The sea lions and dolphins are WORLD OF FUN, but there is much much more to do at the the world’s largest aquarium. We’ve listed 52 things to do at Georgia Aquarium; the perfect way to fill your adventuring day!


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