Adventure Dates for Active Couples

  • Stone Summit Rock Climbing Gym

    Photo courtesy Stone Summit.

These days, active couples are looking for adventurous dates to cross items off their bucket lists as a team. These three experiences will help you do that.


Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

Skydiving is found on nearly every adventurer’s bucket list. There’s no better place to make the jump than Skydive Spaceland Atlanta. A short drive from Atlanta, Skydive Spaceland Atlanta takes thrill-seekers away from the crowds for spectacular jumps with beautiful views of Georgia’s Appalachian foothills. One of the world’s biggest and most progressive skydive training centers, the state-of-the-art facilities are perfect for first-timers and veterans alike.

Stone Summit Rock Climbing Gym

Sometimes, summer’s outdoor adventures begin indoors. Stone Summit Rock Climbing Gym offers everything an adventurous couple needs to get climbing. Couples taking on this sport will be happy to know it’s a team effort with a climber and a belay. Two facilities in the Atlanta area feature colorful three-story climbing walls, bouldering rooms, technique instruction and belay lessons.

Photo courtesy Mill Pond Kayak
Photo courtesy Mill Pond Kayak

Mill Pond Kayak

Adventure isn’t always heart-pounding excitement, and Mill Pond Kayak proves it. Paddling among the cypress trees of Watson Mill Pond and George L Smith State Park is a relaxing way to stay active outdoors. Mill Pond Kayak supplies the gear and a tour guide for exploring miles of blackwater trails. Paddlers view wildlife on the water and see historic sites along tours lasting nearly three hours.


Candy Cook

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