Outdoor Adventures in Columbus

This piece was written by 11-year old Jake Myler to provide a child’s perspective on Columbus, Georgia.

My adventure to Columbus, Georgia was a blast filled with bicycling, kayaking and tons of outdoor adventures.

Columbus is known for its history and there are many interesting museums. The city is also now becoming known for some great outdoor adventures.  My two favorite things on the trip were bike riding and white water rafting. Before I get to that, let me tell you about the bed and breakfast we stayed at.

We loved the Rothschild-Pound House Inn in a historic area of town where many nice homes are located. The Rothschild-Pound House Inn has rooms in the main house, as well as cottages available. The gourmet breakfasts served each morning were great. One morning, we ate blueberry pancakes and I really liked them. Another day, we had biscuits, bacon, grits, and fresh fruits.

Our first adventure was on a bicycle tour that provided a great way to see views along the river. Our guide told us lots of interesting information, including that there is a pair of nesting Eagles along the opposite side of the river! We rode by the waterfront to the National Civil War Naval Museum.  In the museum, we saw two famous boats that sunk and have been brought up to the surface. It was really interesting to see this history up close.

Another day we had the big adventure for our trip. We went white water rafting and I had the time of my life! You go through eight rapids. Towards the end, they have an island where you can go and watch the rafters. My aunt was there watching as we passed by. Before you get to the end, you can jump out and swim to the end of the course. Our guide’s name was Judson and he did a great job. The 2.5 mile waterway is located in the downtown area and it makes for an interesting trip.

We had some great food on the trip. One of my favorite restaurants we ate at is called Country’s. They have a wide selection of foods and desserts! The meringue on the pie was at least a foot tall.

One of the things I like about Columbus is that you can walk to so many places. We walked around a lot in the downtown area. By the end of my trip, we had walked 12 and a half miles! That’s a lot for just two days!

I had the time of my life in Columbus. If you ever get a chance go to Columbus, you should take it.





Jake Myler

Jake Myler, 11, often accompanies his aunt, MainStreet Newspapers Inc. editor Angela Gary, on trips and writes about his experiences, giving readers a youth perspective.

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