Discount on Cave Hikes with the Georgia Girl Guides

  • Georgia Girl Guides: Amy and Christine

caving with the Georgia Girl Guides
caving with the Georgia Girl Guides

For anyone who likes hiking Georgia’s beautiful trails above the ground, the Georgia Girl Guides are inviting you to enjoy a hike below ground in Northwest Georgia with a 20 percent discount on all winter caving tours from now until the end of February. Just add the promo code WINTER20 when you make your reservation. Because caves are a constant 56 degrees, it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside — you’ll still be able to enjoy your hike inside the cave.

Who exactly are the Georgia Girl Guides?

Amy Ward and Christine Rose, both former Georgia State Park employees, started the Georgia Girl Guides in 2011. Both adventure seekers from a young age, they combined their knowledge and experience of the outdoors and enjoy sharing it with guests. Amy is a member of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Search and Rescue team, so feel safe knowing there is no emergency she can’t handle, and Christine holds a Master’s in Science in ecological teaching, which she uses to educate guests as they explore the underworld below ground.

What exactly is a Caving Tour?

It’s like a hike underground, but there are no clear cut paths, and you need to bring your own light. Just like above the ground, you’ll cross rivers, see wildlife (bats), and use some climbing skills. The views include pointy stalactites and stalagmites, as well as unique rock formations. See our post on Field Trips with Sue for 10 more reasons to you’ll love a Georgia Girl Guides Cave Tour.

What gear is needed?

The Georgia Girl Guides supply all the gear you’ll need for your caving tour, including gloves, kneepads and a head lamp. Wear long pants, bring a sweatshirt (56 degrees is a little chilly) and bring a garbage bag to throw it all away at the end. After our trip, it took me two rinses with the hose, three rain showers, one rinse in the sink and two times through the washing machine to get all the mud out. But then, that’s part of what I love about a Georgia Girl Guides tour.


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