Georgia Grown: Eagle Creek Brewing Company

  • EC Low Country Pale Ale

Name: Eagle Creek Brewing Company

Where: Statesboro, Georgia

Story: Owners Daniel Long and Franklin Dismuke are new to the Brewery business. Just a couple years ago, Long was given a home brew kit for Christmas and started tinkering with his own brew.  After much success at brewing five gallon batches, Long invited his friend, Franklin Dismuke to go tour a brewery in Athens.  Long describes the experience as basically the moment the idea of their brewery, Eagle Creek, was born.  The two looked at each other and said “we could do this.”  Today, Eagle Creek is doing it!  They have their facility just off of the downtown square open and fermenting hops.  They credit their young brewer Cole Brown, perhaps the youngest in the country at just 22 years old, as following through with their vision and tastes.  “He was a perfect fit” says Long.  The trio of Long, Dismuke and Brown are now touring Statesboro and Savannah to unveil their inaugural brew, the Low Country Pale Ale.  New varieties will be introduced later this year.


Where to Buy: Currently you’ll have to make the drive to Statesboro or Savannah to try the Low Country Pale Ale.  Statesboro is conveniently located off of Interstate 16 and has a lot to offer for foodies and brew lovers.  Try the beer on tap at local restaurants including 40 East Grill, South and Vine, the Millhouse and Gnats Landing.  Want to take some home?  Eagle Creek isn’t brewing yet, but you can get a growler or two at Clyde’s Minit Mart and Tom’s Beverage Center, both in Statesboro.  In the words of the guys at Eagle Creek, “Don’t Fear the Foam!”


Lori Hennesy

Lori Hennesy is a self-proclaimed foodie and author of, a Georgia only food blog.  Lori is on a constant search for unique eats, great Georgia products, delicious restaurants and anything food related.  For Lori it’s all about the bottom line, “what’s the next meal going to be?”