Find Inspiration on these Amazing Art Walks

  • Yummy Tomatoes Art Box in Augusta

    Art by Stacy Atkins

These outdoor art installations will have you searching shady trails and city streets for unexpected works of art hidden in plain sight! 

Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island

Tree Spirit on St. Simons Island, Georgia
Tree Spirit on St. Simons Island, Georgia

Leisurely stroll along the meandering footpaths of St. Simons Island, an ocean breeze and the spirits of trees fill the air. The centuries-old live oaks, shrouded in Spanish moss and mystery, carry the weathered faces of Tree Spirits. These enigmatic faces hide between limbs, peek out from massive trunks, and gaze at admirers from the remnants of fallen branches. Artist Keith Jennings spent hours carving each curious face, attributing the art to the spirit of the tree. Plan a playful scavenger hunt using this St. Simons Island Tree Spirits Map.

Art The Box in Augusta

Augusta Aquarium Art Box by Si Long Chen
Augusta Aquarium Art Box by Si Long Chen

Art The Box consists of more than 20 unique works created on Augusta's traffic signal control cabinets. The once drab, industrial-looking boxes now enrich the city's sidewalks with colorful creations by local artists. Launched in 2015, Art The Box is just one way Augusta is committed to supporting local artists, beautifying the city with public artwork, and transforming the area into a notable arts destination. Artists used the opportunity to commemorate local landmarks and famous figures, highlight regional culture, and add quirky touches to the downtown area. Use this digital map to discover all the art boxes on a one-of-a-kind urban hike through Augusta. 

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