Free Perks You Didn’t Know Existed at Georgia Attractions

  • Free National Parks Service Trading Cards Kept as Souvenirs

Everyone likes something for nothing. Especially during the cold winter months when budgets are drained from the holidays, but you still want to get out of the house. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy some of Georgia’s indoor attractions. And it’s nice to get a little something extra for your entrance fee. Several museums in Georgia have fantastic, and free programs that can enhance your visit, and in some cases even give you a souvenir to take home. Here are four Georgia freebies you didn’t know existed.

backpacks full of information at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta
backpacks full of information at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

Discovery Backpacks at the High Museum of Art: Check out one of two rolling backpacks and head on an adventure through the permanent exhibits in the museum. Each pack contains questions about a piece, as well as hands-on elements for a deeper understanding of the art. For instance, find a painting in a gallery, spread out the canvas from the bag, and mimic the brush strokes from the painting on the canvas with the paintbrushes.

Saddlebags at the Booth Western Museum: Look like a real cowboy with a saddlebag checked out from the front desk. There are three different themes: cowboy, Native American and presidents. Each saddlebag has activities and questions to help engage young visitors with the art. For example: find all the triangles in the paintings.

National Parks Service Trading Cards: Visit any national park or historic site (find the national parks in Georgia) and ask about free trading cards. The cards have a historical picture on one side and information about an aspect of the site on the other. The backpacks above must be returned at the end of your visit. The park service trading cards can be kept as souvenirs.

Chattahoochee Nature Center Exchange Program: Have a collector in the family? Bring in any found natural objects to the Chattahoochee Nature Exchange and earn points to be used toward the “purchase” of objects from the Nature Exchange. That bird’s nest you found in the backyard can be exchanged for more rocks to add to your collection. Bonus points are given if the collector has more information about the object in question, like what kind of bird’s nest it is, or how it was constructed.


Sue Rodman

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