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Sunset at Arabia Mt (3)
Sunset at Arabia Mt (3)


Monadnock Madness is your chance to stimulate your senses, challenge yourself physically and discover the scenic beauty at each of Metro Atlanta’s monadnocks. What? You don’t know what a monadnock is? Stone Mountain, Panola Mountain, and Arabia Mountain are all actually monadnocks; special types of mountains that are formed when hard blobs of lava are compressed under the Earth’s crust. Now that the softer rock around the granite clumps has been eroded away, Georgians are treated to three amazing geological oddities right in their backyard.

Exciting guided tours, fun classes, and events are scheduled throughout March 2014 to showcase the highlights of each mountain.  As a special bonus, participants who visit all three parks in March can earn a surprise souvenir which they can wear as a badge of honor.

Feeling adventurous? Join the Triple Hike Challenge on March 8th or 16th and conquer each peak in one action-packed day.  On the 16th you can even watch the moonrise from the peak of Panola Mountain.  You can learn more about this event, see photos from last year, and RSVP for the Triple Hike Challenge at the Monadnock Madness website.

Kimberly Estep

When not putting her savvy communication skills to use at the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, Kimberly Estep can most often be found wandering over hiking trails with her two dogs.  Most of all, Kimberly loves sharing her knowledge of the hidden gems of Georgia with anyone who will listen.