We Asked, You Answered: Springtime in Georgia

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Springtime in Georgia is full of blooming flowers, festival food and warm weather! We asked our Explore Georgia fans what they loved most about spring in Georgia and here are the top 5 answers!

  1. Flowers: Georgia turns into a floral fairyland during the spring months. 

  2. Warm weather: Springtime means front porch sittin’, lake swimming and windows down weather. What could be better?

  3. Macon Cherry Blossom FestivalFestival attendees are treated to an extravagant display of springtime beauty in Macon. More than 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees and dozens of fun and exciting events and attractions await you during this annual springtime festival.

  4. The Masters: The world's most prestigious golf tournament takes every April at the Augusta National Golf Club. Although tickets to the event are extremely difficult to come by, practice-round tickets can be secured through a lottery system. Please visit the Masters website for more information on tickets. If you can’t get tickets to this highly sought-after sporting event, Augusta still has great attractions to keep you busy while you aren’t glued to Masters TV coverage. Start by touring the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area for some insight into Augusta’s historical importance to the state of Georgia.

  5. Braves Baseball: It’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out, at the old ballgame! Don’t miss a chance to see the Atlanta Braves run the bases.

Featured answers:

  • “Well, where do I start. All the beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers blooming. The warm weather that I love. All the spring festivals around the state. Love all of it! ?” – Glori Boria Longworth via Facebook

  • “Dogwoods, azaleas and weather warm enough to sit on the porch on a lazy Saturday and just take in all the beauty nature has to offer!” – Gail Human via Facebook

  • “I love all the beautiful colors of the azaleas, daffodils and cherry trees against the stark white of the Bradford pear and Dogwood trees. The buds of the Cherokee Roses and the mountains start turning different shades of green. Spring is my favorite season in Georgia.” – Suzan Counts Farmer via Facebook

  • “I love to see the cherry blossoms trees bloom in Macon, Georgia. It lets me know that spring is definitely here.” – Kelli Hands Pierson via Facebook

  • “Azaleas, warmer weather, & watching the Masters!” – Amy Hagan via Facebook

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