For Wine and ‘Shine, Follow Trail 37 to this South Georgia Gem

  • Still Pond Distillery

    Tours are available Monday through Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Still Pond Vineyard
Still Pond Vineyard

Looking for a culinary road trip highlighting Georgia wines and spirits? Then the new Georgia Grown Trail 37 is the one for you! I recently had the pleasure of checking out Trail 37 through Georgia’s Plantation Trace region for myself, and I must say that it’s like driving through a little slice of culinary heaven.

Trail 37 took me through some of South Georgia’s tastiest towns, like Valdosta, Sparks and Bluffton (home of White Oak Pastures and the Farmer John Burger, one of three bodacious burgers you must try). In Arlington, I found what I consider to be a top shelf winery and distillery: Still Pond Vineyard, Winery & Distillery. What makes them unique to the other South Georgia wineries that make fruit-based wines (muscadine, strawberry and even watermelon), is that Still Pond is the only farm winery and distillery in the Southeastern United States that produces regional wines AND distills craft spirits.

This family-owned winery is a member of the Georgia Wine Producers Association, so you know their wine is the highest quality. Their Peach Vodka, Double Barreled and Muscadine Moonshines are worth the drive alone. Their gift shop is packed with wine-inspired gifts, cookbooks and snacks.

Still Pond
Still Pond

Still Pond Vineyard, Winery & Distillery offers daily tours of the bottling room and distillery, as well as wine tastings (complimentary). Because there are 18 award-winning wines to choose from, you’re bound to find at least one that you love. Don’t worry if you find that you can’t choose just one; you will get a 15% discount when you buy a case.


Jennifer Hill Booker

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