Adairsville Historic High Country

A visit to this 'Norman Rockwell' kind of town is a must for anyone who loves history, antiquing and good food! Adairsville is listed in its entirety on the National Register of Historic Places. Just 5 miles away is Barnsley Gardens Resort, an 1840s estate where guests can enjoy a luxurious stay complete with spa treatments and golf.
  • 1902 Stock Exchange antiques emporium and Maggie Mae's Tea Room

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  • The Ruins at Barnsley Resort

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  • Adairsville's Great Locomotive Chase Festival

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  • Browsing Historic Adairsville

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  • The Spa at Barnsley Resort

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  • Adairsville's Pumpkin Patch Farm

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  • The Gardens at Barnsley Resort

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  • Maggie Mae's Tea Room inside 1902 Stock Exchange, Adairsville

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  • Adairsville Rail Depot Age of Steam Museum and Welcome Center

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  • On the hunt at SpringBank Plantation at Barnsley Resort

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  • The Fazio Course at Barnsley Resort

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  • Adairsville's Manning Mill Park

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Nestled in the Oothcalooga Valley, Adairsville was the first Georgia town to be listed in its entirety on the National Register of Historic Places (December 1987). Today, visitors can see the original depot which witnessed the pursuit of the steam locomotive General of the famous Great Locomotive Chase during the Civil War. The 1847 Railroad Depot is home to the Adairsville Welcome Center.

Just 5 miles outside Adairsville is Barnsley Resort, an 1840's estate where today guests can retreat to a luxurious stay, including dining, spa, gardens, Springbank Plantation, and challenging play for par on the Fazio-designed golf course.

Visitor Information Center

116 Public Square
Adairsville, GA 30103

I-75, Exit 306 at Hwy 140. The downtown is located approximately 1 mile west.

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