Hillsboro Historic Heartland

  • Ben Hill School, this was a fully functioning schoolhouse until 1959. It is now used as a community center for the town of Hillsboro.

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  • Civil War Trail Marker located in Hillsboro GA

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  • Hillsboro Methodist Church

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  • Masonic Lodge and what was once and old BBQ place

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  • The Birthplace of Benjamin Harvey Hill

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  • Across The Ocmulgee

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Hillsboro (originally spelled Hillsborough), named for pioneer settler Isaac Hill, is one of the oldest communities in central Georgia. It is the birthplace of Benjamin Harvey Hill, a United States and later Confederate States Senator. The "Hillsborough Academy" attended by B. H. Hill was succeeded by the school building that bears his name. The "Right Wing" of Union Major General William T. Sherman's army struggled through rain and muddy roads to cross the Ocmulgee River at Planter's Factory (Seven Islands) from Friday through Sunday, November 18 through 20, 1864. After successfully crossing the river it advanced on Hillsboro. The Right Wing was commanded by Major General Oliver O. Howard, including the nearly 16,000 men of the 15th Corps led by Major General Peter J. Osterhaus. Brigadier General H. Judson Kilpatrick's 5,000-man cavalry division accompanied Howard's Right Wing.

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