Hogansville Presidential Pathways

  • Shopping in Downtown Hogansville

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  • William Hogan Plantation Cemetery

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  • Shopping in Hogansville

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  • Hogansville Railroad Crossing

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  • Hogansville Library

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  • Welcome to Hogansville

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  • Historic Homes

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  • Hogansville

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  • Royal Theater

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  • Grand Hotel Hogansville

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  • Historic Homes

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  • Historic 1916 Water Tower

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  • Hogansville

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  • Shopping in Hogansville

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  • Hogansville Train Depot

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  • Hogansville Historic Amphitheater

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Hogansville has been called one of the prettiest small towns in Georgia, and our pride shows. 

Pride is on display throughout our pretty town, from the many historic homes dating back to the mid-1800s to our quaint Main Street shops. Friendly merchants with a love of history offer antiques, vintage lighting and hardware, primitive furniture, old tools, industrial salvage, authentic signs, bottles, pottery, consignment clothing, used books and locally roasted coffee. Brides throughout the South have tied the knot at the elegant Victoria Belle Mansion and Vintage White Barn.

A walking trail features the Hogansville Water Tower, a poured concrete water storage facility built in 1916 for the local John Hines cannery and which also served the city's first water system.

Our outdoor amphitheater was built with locally quarried granite in 1939 as a National Youth Administration project. Today, the amphitheater is used for concerts, movies and other local events.

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Hogansville, GA 30230

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