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Lyons, Georgia is the seat of Toombs County, situated in the heart of Southeast Georgia. Just 15 miles from Interstate 16, Lyons is home to many unique shops downtown, annual festivals and Vidalia Onion Farms. The award-winning community was chosen in 1998 as one of only 10 cities in Georgia to be selected for the Better Hometown program, a Georgia Main Street program for cities with a population under 5000.
  • Elements Bistro Downtown Lyons

Lyons is a cute, vibrant downtown in Toombs County. Only a short drive off of Interstate 16, Lyons offers a worthwhile shopping and dining experience. Lyons is home to many Vidalia Onion farms, shops and great restaurants. Most notably, visit Elements Bistro in downtown Lyons or plan to see Tales from the Altamaha each April.

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Lyons, GA 30436

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