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Washington is a historical Georgia town where visitors can relax and enjoy the pace of small-town life. Glory in the past: an annual Revolutionary War battle, a celebration of old-time mule power, Christmas at an 1869 living plantation. Even shopping and dining in Washington seem to be from another era -- you’ll find timeless treasures here!
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Southern hospitality is still a way of life in Washington-Wilkes. You'll often see people greeting each other downtown or friends having a chat on a shaded front porch. You will also find a progressive government, modern businesses, cultural and religious opportunities, excellent schools, quality health care, and an abundance of recreational activities.

In wartime and peace, Washington-Wilkes has enjoyed a long and colorful history. Wilkes County, founded in 1777, was named for John Wilkes, an Englishman who supported the colonists' cause in the British House of Commons. The area played its part in revolutionary history at the Battle of Kettle Creek, where Patriot forces were able to push back Loyalists and break the British hold on upper Georgia. After the war, Washington, the county seat, was reportedly the first incorporated town in the nation to be named for General Washington, who later became our first president.

The Broad River Water Trail flows through the area and offers great paddling for any river enthusiast.

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Washington, GA 30673

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