• 10 Spring Music Festivals in Georgia

    Start making plans to attend these shows this spring!

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  • Six Georgia Festivals Serving Up BBQ & Music

    These festivals serve up the perfect combination for spring and summer: live music and great food!

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  • Songwriter Series

    Returning in 2017, this concert series features Georgia songwriters sharing the stories behind their music in venues across the state.

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Glen Sarvady

Glen Sarvady has been a proud Atlanta resident for the past 20 years, spending many of those late nights in the city's music clubs after his wife and daughters were tucked into bed. While he claims to have "no musical talent whatsoever," Glen has immersed himself in the field, serving as program director for his college radio station in the 1980s and helping to start "Matter," a magazine considered one of the early trailblazers of the indie rock movement. More recently, he has written regularly for the music/arts publication "Stomp & Stammer."

Although he was still in his native Chicago at the time, Glen rates the discovery of R.E.M as one of the top three thrills of his musical life. In his next breath, Glen will tell you that hearing Athens bands Pylon and Love Tractor were nearly as exciting as the first. And then, he'll get just as excited reminiscing over Bessie Jones' 1950's Sea Island field recordings.

Glen is also a payments consultant in the financial services field. "I've never thought of music as a profession," he says. "I'm doing this because I love it, and hopefully that comes through in my writing."

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