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Georgia Weather

Georgia is the South reinvented. We’re proud to show the world all the sights and experiences that can only be found here. As the (unofficial) capital of the Southeastern United States, Georgia stands out for how it lives up to expectations — and how it defies them. With big cities and small towns, and a geographical range from the mountains to the beach, there’s a lot more to Georgia than our peaches.

It’s always a great time to tour Georgia. Georgia boasts a moderate climate year-round while providing a distinct and rich experience each season. Our summers are warm, our falls brisk and sunny, our winters mild, and our springs are blooming with dogwoods and azaleas. Georgia has average rainfall each year and varying snowfall — from light in the mountains to virtually none in other regions.

Exploring Georgia in the Spring

Spring is an undeniably beautiful time of year to visit Georgia as blooming flowers and trees add delightful bursts of color to landscapes from the mountains to the coast. With an average low of 65 degrees F (18 C) and an average high of 80 degrees F (26 C), the fair and bright spring weather is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and strolling through the state’s many botanical gardens. Spring break trips and holidays offer perfect opportunities to explore new places and attend events throughout the state.

Exploring Georgia in the Summer

Summer in Georgia brings the hottest and most humid temperatures of the year, which means it’s the perfect time to cool off in lakes, rivers, and the ocean, play outside at theme parks, and visit some of the state’s world-famous indoor attractions. With an average low of 80 degrees F (26 C) and an average high of 95 degrees F (35 C), summer days in Georgia commonly include afternoon rain showers. Summer also is when Georgia peaches and watermelons are in season, so be sure to try some fresh from the farm when you visit.

Exploring Georgia in the Fall

Fall in Georgia is known for many things, and the beautiful weather is definitely one of them. Cool and crisp fall temperatures range from an average low of 55 degrees F (12 C) to an average high of 75 degrees F (24 C), which is optimal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, sports, and scenic drives to take in the brilliant fall foliage. Visit an orchard to pick apples straight from the tree, enjoy a beer at Oktoberfest, and get away to a cozy cabin for the ultimate fall trip in Georgia.

Exploring Georgia in the Winter

Winter weather doesn’t last for long in Georgia, and with average temperatures ranging from a low of 50 degrees F (10 C) to a high of 60 degrees F (15 C), it’s not likely to keep you indoors. From holiday light displays to shopping, and romantic getaways at mountain resorts and beachside bungalows, you’ll find plenty of reasons why winter is a wonderful time to visit Georgia.

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