Historic Sites Near Atlanta

Georgia is filled with history to explore.

You want history? We have history! Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies, so we have American Indian heritage, colonial forts, Civil War monuments, as well as the sites on which Gone With the Wind was based.

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Georgia’s Antebellum Trail

Follow Georgia's Antebellum Trail through seven communities, and go back in time visiting historic homes, experiencing authentic battle sites, viewing impressive architecture and touring magnificent museums.

  • Travel Time (each way) from Atlanta to the location farthest from the city: 2 hours.
  • Exploration Time: We recommend this as a full-day adventure.

From Gardens to Gethsemane: Tour LaGrange, GA

Two amazing history-filled venues are found in the beautiful community of LaGrange, GA. First, an opportunity to see how people lived during the time of the Bible. And second, a 19th century home with beautifully maintained gardens.

Biblical History Center

The Biblical History Center is an archaeological museum exploring daily life in ancient times. Through archeological replicas, Biblical meal presentations, lectures and other personal experiences, ancient Middle Eastern life becomes real today.

Hills & Dales Estate

This historic estate was the home of textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway Sr. and his family. The property features the historic Ferrell Gardens, which are one of the best preserved 19th century gardens in America. The centerpiece of the 35-acre estate is a beautiful Italian villa designed by the noted architects Neel Reid and Hal Hentz, which was completed in 1916.

  • Travel Time (each way) from Atlanta to LaGrange: 1.5 hours.
  • Exploration Time: We recommend this as a full-day adventure; 2-3 hours at each location including a meal at the Biblical History Center.

Mentioned in this Itinerary

Andersonville — Tour the Andersonville National Historic Site, a Confederate prisoner of war camp during the American Civil War.

Americus — Tour the Georgia Rural Telephone Museum and Habitat for Humanity/Global Village and Discovery Center.

Plains — Tour the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, where the 39th U.S. President grew up.

Warm Springs — Tour Roosevelt's Little White House State Historic Site, where Franklin D. Roosevelt would retreat to swim in the area's spring waters.

Mentioned in this Itinerary