Douglasville Film Tour

See familiar settings for movies and TV shows, and keep an eye out for productions in progress in this Atlanta-area town.

The Atlanta Metro area is known for its film connections, but the community of Douglasville has been a steady location for the industry since creating a film commission in 1993. Since then, its structures and settings have been used for dozens of major motion pictures and television series, including "Million Dollar Arm," "Necessary Roughness" and "MacGyver." Located less than 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, Douglasville has created the Douglas County Film Trail, a self-guided tour of the area’s best filming locations. While you're following the trail, keep your eyes peeled for production signs!

  • Douglasville Film Tour
    Wedding at Foxhall Resort Legacy Lodge in Douglasville, Georgia

Follow the Douglas County Film Trail

Old Douglas County Jail

Old Douglas County Jail in Douglasville, Georgia

Closed in 2012 due to overcrowding, the Old Douglas County Jail still retains its 1980s exterior. It’s this design that has made it a frequent location for countless film and television projects, saving it from sitting vacant. Releases like the Tupac biopic "All Eyez on Me," NASCAR heist movie "Logan Lucky," and Discovery Channel’s "Manhunt" used the jail, along with Tyler Perry's television drama "The Haves and the Have Nots."

Downtown Douglasville

Vintage-style McDonald's built in Douglasville for filming The Founder

Although the street signs don't use this name, the area known as Pray Street is downtown Douglasville’s film center. The former police station has been used in "Stranger Things'" first season as the Hawkins Police Department, where Joyce seeks out Hopper's help. And a former vacant lot was used in "The Founder" when the crew constructed a vintage-style McDonald's there. The film stars Michael Keaton as McDonald's founder Ray Kroc.

Douglas County Museum of History & Art

Douglas County Museum of History & Art

Known as the Old Courthouse, the building was slated for sale in 1998. But the Douglas County Tourism and History Commission opened a free museum inside showcasing the county's diverse history. Exhibits in the Douglas County Museum of History & Art include antique lunchboxes, Coca-Cola memorabilia and a rotating exhibit. Currently, the museum is displaying pieces related to the county’s film connections, including posters of projects filmed here, set pieces and costumes. The National Register of Historic Places-listed building is also renowned in its own right for the international style of architecture. It was this reason that it was used in "The Founder" for an airport scene. TSA and Pan Am counters were set up inside.

Arbor Place Mall

Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville, Georgia

Built in 1999 to serve the communities of west Georgia and beyond, Arbor Place Mall is anchored by department store retailers like JCPenney, Macy's and Belk. The mall was also used in filming with 2011's "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son," starring Martin Lawrence as an undercover FBI agent. More recently, "Manhunt" used the mall for filming for the television movie about the Unabomber.

Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club

Foxhall Resort in Douglasville, Georgia

Originally a private estate, Foxhall Resort is now a resort known for its equestrian facilities and wedding venues. Popular with corporate retreats, the resort has a restaurant that is open to the public, childrens camps, sporting clays and a visitor's center. "Table 19," starring Anna Kendrick, used the resort extensively. The film is about a group of outcasts seated together at a wedding.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

New Manchester Mill ruins at Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs, Georgia

Located only 15 miles from downtown Atlanta, the 2,500+ acre park has been used repeatedly for filming projects. Sweetwater Creek State Park has hiking trails, a reservoir, yurts, picnic areas and the remains of the New Manchester Textile Mill, which was burned by Union troops in the Civil War. Parts of the "Hunger Games" series were filmed here, where Katniss and Gale share a moment by the river. More recently, "Rampage," starring The Rock, shut down the park for a stunt. Samuel L. Jackson posted a photo from the park, perhaps hinting about filming a scene for the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War" movie. Inside the LEED-certified visitor's center, a small museum talks about the park's history. A large water wheel sits inside, which is actually a replica created as a set piece for "Killing Season," which starred John Travolta and Robert De Niro.

Tiffany's Kitchen

Tiffany's Kitchen in Douglasville, Georgia

Locals know this roadside eatery as a place to chow down on hearty Southern favorites, but "Stranger Things" fans might know it as Benny's Burgers. Featured in the first episode, it's here that Eleven runs away from the Hawkins Labs goons when Benny takes pity on her and serves her a burger. They don’t serve her beloved Eggos, but you’ll be sure to enjoy a rotating menu of seasonal dishes like fried green tomatoes.

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