The Coast / St. Simons Island

Georgia Beach Walk Nature Tours

East Beach
St. Simons Island, GA 31522

  • See who lives in the tide pool!

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  • Black Skimmer feeding

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  • Marshes are wonderlands of crabs and periwinkle snails!

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  • They roll about on a palette of paint and grace us with their beauty!

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  • Striped Hermit Crab

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  • Beach Treasures!

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  • A curiosity of beachwalkers, but one you're sure to know after our beach walk!

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  • horseshoe crabs are at home on the beach and in the classroom!

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  • Horseshoe crabs are amazing ancient mariners!

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  • trails, tracks, and holes are clues to who lives under the sand

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  • Miles and Miles of Georgia Salt Marsh

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  • Learn just what spanish moss acutally is!!

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The Georgia coast is approximately 100 miles long and comprises 14 barrier islands, five major river systems, and nearly a half-million acres of marshlands. It is a nursery for fish and shellfish, the calving ground for the endangered Western North Atlantic right whale (also Georgia's State Mammal), a staging and nesting area for year-round and resident water birds, and home to our threatened loggerhead sea turtle. So, join me and explore the beaches and marshes of St. Simons and Jekyll Island!

Walk a stretch of beach where you'll learn about the plants and animals living there -- from shells to shorebirds, sea oats, sand dollars and more; then toss a cast net to see who swims just below the water's surface!

Or step into the salt marsh and get to know fiddler crabs, periwinkle snails, native plants, and how tides play such an important role along our coast. Walks take place in the high, hard-packed marsh in areas where plants and animals won't be impacted.

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