The Coast / Darien

Darien City Hall

106 Washington Street
P O Box 452
Darien, GA 31305

  • Darien City Hall

The building now used as Darien's City Hall was built as an armory in the 1870s. It later served as a fire house, police station, community house, and is now City Hall.

The Burning of Darien

On June 11, 1863, the seaport of Darien was vandalized and burned by Federal forces stationed on nearby St. Simons Island. The town was largely deserted, most of its 500 residents having sought refuge inland.  Lost were public buildings, churches, businesses and most private residences. Conducting the raid were units comprised of among the first African-American troops to serve the Union cause, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers under Col. Robert G. Shaw, and the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers under Col. James Montgomery. The burning of Darien, undefended and of little strategic importance, was one of the most controversial events of the Civil War.

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