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Georgia Fruit Cake Company

5 S. Duval St.
Claxton, GA 30417

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Since 1954, when the Georgia Fruitcake Company picked up its first military contract (one order for 52,000 pounds of cake and another for 64,000 pounds), this family-owned business has counted on the military as one of their main customers. Since then, they have added a mail order system and an online service that is available to the public. Everyone is welcome to stop by Claxton, visit the facilities, and make a purchase right at the counter.

The Georgia Fruitcake Company offers three main varieties of their cakes: the vacuum-sealed canned Georgia Fruit Cake, the vacuum-sealed canned bourbon fruitcake (The Womble's Fruit Cake), and the 11-pound loaves, which are cut and wrapped in one-pound cakes and two-pound cakes, and are sold in an assortment of size combinations.

International quality. Fourth-generation family business. Monde Golf Medal Award winner-London.

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