Georgia Fruit Cake Company, Inc.

Magnolia Midlands

Georgia Fruit Cake Company, Inc.

Georgia Fruit Cake Company, Inc.

5 S. Duval St.
Claxton, GA 30417



Since 1954, when the Georgia Fruitcake Company picked up its first military contract (one order for 52,000 pounds of cake and another for 64,000 pounds), this family-owned business has counted on the military as one of their main customers. Since then, they have added a mail order system and an online service that is available to the public. Everyone is welcome to stop by Claxton, visit the facilities and make a purchase right at the counter.

The Georgia Fruitcake Company offers three main varieties of their cakes: the vacuum-sealed canned Georgia Fruit Cake, the vacuum-sealed canned bourbon fruitcake (The Womble's Fruit Cake), and the 11-pound loaves, which are cut and wrapped in one-pound cakes and two-pound cakes, and are sold in an assortment of size combinations.

International quality. Fourth-generation family business. Monde Golf Medal Award winner-London.

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