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Houston Praise House Museum

Houston Praise House Museum

8000 GA Hwy 21
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Houston Baptist Church and its adjoining cemetery were organized in 1886 under the leadership of Reverend Ulysses L. Houston, minister of First Bryan Baptist Church in Savannah. A significant leader in the African-American community, Houston attended the meeting at General Sherman's Savannah headquarters in January 1865 that resulted in Special Field Order No. 15 (the redistribution of confiscated coastal land in 40-acre tracts to newly freed blacks). Houston also served a term in Georgia's Reconstruction legislature.

Established in the tradition of plantation praise houses intended to Christianize the enslaved populations of plantations, Houston Baptist Church served the African-Americans of Rice Hope Plantation. The church continued to serve the local community until the 1970s. The original structure collapsed in 2007 after a terrible storm in Port Wentworth. Today, the property is owned by the City of Port Wentworth. The city, community organizations and residents are rebuilding the structure into a heritage museum honoring the rich history of the area.

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