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Social Circle Heritage Museum

129 E. Hightower Trl.
Social Circle, GA 30025

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 Social Circle was founded in 1820 by several men who obtained the land by lottery. It was centered at the junction of two Indian trails known today as Cherokee Road and Hightower Trail (perhaps a corruption of Etowah). Incorporated in 1832 as a village,  in 1869 as a town, and in 1904 as a city, Social Circle, situated at the highest point of the Georgia Railroad, was a transportation hub for the area before the Civil War (1861-65). Its lines were destroyed during the war by Union general William T. Sherman's troops on their March to the Sea, but the town recovered and prospered after the war was over  (Sources: http://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org and http://georgia.gov).  For years we have been collecting historical artifacts with the hope that some day we would have a museum space to display them.  Housed in an old but recently renovated mule barn, our Heritage Museum has come to life for the enjoyment of our citizens and our visitors.

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