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  • St. Cyprians Episcopal Church

Circa 1870s St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church was built by former slaves. In December 1873, St. Cyprians was under the direction of the Rev. Ferdinand M. Mann, an African-American priest. During that time, St. Cyprian's school was established for the education of African-American children in Darien. The school served the community for many years, and several of the current members of St. Cyprian's received their initial education at the school.

St. Cyprian's is constructed of tabby according to the building methods of mid-19th-century coastal Georgia. It is believed to be one of the largest tabby structures still in use in Georgia. The building suffered extensive damage in the hurricane of 1896 and by another storm in 1898, but in each case the building was repaired and the congregation continued to worship.

Over the last two decades, the congregations of St. Cyprian's and St. Andrew's have moved closer together. In addition to sharing clergy, they now share the use of the parish hall and participate jointly in Sunday School. At present, there is a single Episcopal Community in McIntosh County with two distinct faces: The Episcopal Churches of St. Andrew and St. Cyprian.

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