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St. EOM's Pasaquan

238 Eddie Martin Road
Buena Vista, GA 31803

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St. EOM's Pasaquan lies on 7 acres of sandy land in Marion County, a few miles west of the historic town of Buena Vista. Pasaquan consists of six major structures connected by a series of painted masonry walls, colorful concrete sculptures, and an assortment of landscape elements and plantings. Pasaquan's oldest building is a circa 1880s farmhouse that was virtually encapsulated by additions designed and executed by the artist, St. EOM. A collection of more than 2,000 individual pieces of St. EOM's art, craft, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, drawings, sculptures, costumes, and musical instruments are on display.

Pasaquan is an amazing example of individual creativity and a personal vision that is virtually unmatched in its scope and concept anywhere else in the world. 

Pasaquan is not open for visitors at the present time. An announcement will soon be made regarding limited tours during the restoration process.

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