Sturgis Vineyards

Twin City
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Sturgis Vineyards

Sturgis Vineyards

56 Sturgis Vinyard Rd
Twin City, GA 30471


Sturgis Vineyards is primarily in the business of supplying muscadine grapes for the fresh fruit market. Although we mostly sell our grapes in bulk commercially, there are still over 85 muscadine varieties represented on the farm, thus any individuals needs can be met. Whether you want grapes for fresh fruit, jelly-making juice or wine, we can direct you to the best variety to meet your needs.

At Sturgis Vineyards, our grounds are highly maintained so our clients and their families can fully enjoy their family outing experience. We encourage visitors to our farm. We have many families that visit our farm seeking a fun family outdoor activity. Many bring their children out for the "grape picking" experience, some just come to walk and graze in the vineyards.

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