The Okefenokee Trail

The Coast

The Okefenokee Trail

The Okefenokee Trail

South georgia - I-95 to I-75 region
Kingsland, GA 31548


Imagine a place where unusual creatures swim through mirror-top waters and exotic plants sprout from floating islands. A place where the trees seem to wave in the early morning breeze and thousands of animals serenade the setting of the sun each day. Picture waters so dark and still that the surface seems to reflect images from another world, another time. It is a world more peaceful and more beautiful than any other place in the world. Almost a half-million acres of wetland, uninhabited by mankind, and still as it was thousands of years ago. Now imagine that this place, this natural wonderland is just a road trip away, a place just off the main road, but light years away from this time. It is a place where you can be guided back a thousand years on a boat, and see the miracle of nature at its best. It is the "Land of the Trembling Earth," the Okefenokee Swamp.

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