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  • Warthen Family Cemetery

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  • Warthen Family Cemetery

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  • Warthen Family Cemetery

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Buried in the Warthen Family Cemetery are descendants of the pioneer Richard Warthen who came to Georgia from Virginia by way of North Carolina to claim land in Wilkes and Washington County that had been granted to him for his service in the Revolutionary War. The town of Warthen  is on the site of an area originally settled by the Robert Wicker Family but it was named Warthen after Richard Holiday Warthen, grandson of the pioneer Richard Warthen. The cemetery of Warthen's founding fathers is nestled under Southern Magnolias and other native trees and fauna .  It offers a serene peaceful experience. The first documented burial in the cemetery occurred in 1861. The cemetery continues to be used as the final resting place of Warthen descendants to this day. The cemetery is on the Historic Register.

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