Featured Dining

  • 1100 Plates Locals Love

    Try local Georgia dishes that will speak to your soul (and your appetite).
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  • 2Brews & Q's Trail

    Explore the region of craft brews, tangy flavors and locals who've been teasing taste buds for 75+ years!
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  • 3Georgia Flavor Tours

    Barbecue, seafood, wine and everything in between: Take a tasting tour of Georgia.
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  • 4Keep an eye out for stars

    Some of the biggest names in Hollywood frequent these Georgia eateries, and so can you!
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  • 5Dining Guides

    From small treats to hearty feasts, the dining options in Georgia are endless. Follow these guides to find your next great meal.
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  • 6Sample the food festivals

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Attend a food festival just about any time of year in Georgia to discover unique dishes from the state's best chefs.
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  • 7Shop for food souvenirs

    Sample Southern flavors and seek out these Georgia food souvenirs as you travel the Peach State.
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