Georgia Music Landmarks

Notable stops for Georgia music fans

  • 1Dudley Park Railroad Trestle

    Featured on the back cover of R.E.M.'s 1983 debut album, this railroad trestle is one of the stops on the Athens Music Walking Tour.
  • 2Wuxtry Records

    Wuxtry Records, an eclectic shop and walk-in museum, has been open in downtown Athens since 1976.
  • 3Ma Rainey House and Blues Museum

    Fans can learn about The Mother of the Blues at her former home in Columbus.
  • 4Rock Candy Tours

    Native Maconites guide visitors to the favorite haunts of Southern music royalty in Macon.
  • 5Savannah Music Festival

    The springtime Savannah Music Festival is the largest musical arts event in Georgia.