Georgia's Must-Sees

Georgia's Must-See Attractions

  • 1Laser Show

    Credit: Stone Mountain Park
    Make sure to stick around and see the lasershow after climbing Stone Mountain.
  • 2Harness Race

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Check out the Harness Horse Capital of Georgia and see all manner of horse shows, training and races.
  • 3Georgia Guidestones

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Visit the Georgia Guidestones to learn 10 global guidelines, written in eight major languages.
  • 4Uncle Remus

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Uncle Remus may be a fictional character, but the Uncle Remus Museum in Eatonton reminds us just how important his stories of Br'er Rabbit were.
  • 5Warm Springs

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Relax with FDR as you enjoy the healing waters of Warm Springs.
  • 6Waiting for a Drink of Water at President Carter's Boyhood Farm

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Try your hand at pumping water from the same well used by a young Jimmy Carter at his boyhood home.
  • 7Augusta Canal Boat

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Sit back and relax as you float down the Augusta Canal, taking in the gorgeous landscape and the Confederate Powderworks.
  • 8Margaret Mitchell House

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Visit the Margaret Mitchell House to see where Georgia's favorite author penned
  • 9Oktoberfest

    Credit: aubsthebeesknees via Flickr
    Whether you're there for Oktoberfest, tubing, hot air balloons or scenery, visit Helen, Georgia's alpine village for a taste of the Appalachian Alps.
  • 10Panning for Gold

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Grab your pan and head to Dahlonega in search of some shiny Georgia gold.
  • 11Rock City

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    On  Lookout Mountain, you can stand on Lover's Leap and look out over Rock City to seven different states.
  • 12Centennial Park at Night

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Only one place in the world can claim credit for hosting the centennial anniversary of the Olympic Games: Atlanta!
  • 13Savannah Historic District

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    There are few sights more quintessential Southern than those of the Savannah Historic District.
  • 14Fort Pulaski

    Credit: GDECD Photography
    Celebrate Georgia's Civil War history with a visit to Fort Pulaski and learn how soldiers lived and fought during the late 19th century.
  • 15Ray Charles Plaza

    Credit: bamaboy1941 via Flickr
    Is Georgia on your mind? Then croon along to the official state song at the Ray Charles Plaza in Albany.