“I’ll never be hungry again!” Touring Georgia’s Film Delicacies

Southern film may be popular, but southern food is known world-wide. Georgia’s food is featured in a slew of films - sometimes becoming as popular as the films themselves. For those in love with movies and food, look no further than these popular destinations with Georgia-movie ties.

Maybe the best known destination in Georgia is the Whistle Stop Café in Juliette. Although Fried Green Tomatoes was released over 25 years ago, the café remains popular for their famous fried green tomatoes, southern-style sweet tea, and Idgie and Ruth’s friendship.

Forrest Gump enjoyed his chocolates waiting on the bus as Jenny worked at a near-by restaurant. Laurie’s Restaurant in Savannah acted as the backdrop for Jenny’s job. The restaurant may have changed names since filming the initial scenes, but Laurie’s still has the same great food.

Scarlett O’Hara had to rely on Tara for her food, but times have changed. Atlanta-ians now rely on Mary Macs Tea Room, a local southern staple, for their fried chicken and grits. The Gone with the Wind Museum is a short drive away.

Unfortunately, no restaurant in Georgia serves the infamous “tainted meat” from The Walking Dead, but the town of Senoia is home to fan-favorite Waking Dead Café. Customers enjoy coffee, treats, and merchandise from the show.

Although not famous for appearing in movies, but rather making movies, Savannah’s Leopold’s Ice Cream has ties to the industry. Its owner, Stratton Leopold, is heavily involved in filmmaking. Leopold displays many relics of his filmmaking career in the shop.  

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