Antebellum Trail Historic Towns

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The Antebellum Trail is a 100-mile trek through seven communities that virtually escaped Gen. Sherman's burning march through central Georgia. As you travel down the trail, you’ll enter a magical place where time has stood still. each community, from Macon to Athens, holds hidden treasures from the past and features stately homes still active and enjoyed.

Start your journey in Athens, a college town with a dynamic downtown, attractive architecture and strong commitment to historic preservation and revitalization. after a hearty southern brunch at Mama’s Boy, let a classic city tours historian guide you through the historic district. spend the night at the boutique hotel Foundry Park Inn & Spa.

The next town on the trail is the arts center Watkinsville. stroll through downtown, have lunch at Mirko Pasta, and do some shopping in town center or the many antique shops and art galleries. Spend the night at the Ashford Manor B&B, an 1893 victorian home surround by 4 acres of gardens.

Continuing down the trail, make your way to historic Madison, home to the largest designated historic district in Georgia, encompassing most of the town. Madison is a national treasure of antebellum buildings – its architecture stands as a monument to the time when cotton was king. Visit the Rogers House, a fine example of Piedmont plain-style architecture, and Heritage Hall, a Greek revival home built in 1811. Spend the night at Madison Oaks Inn & Gardens, a beautifully restored 1905 Greek revival mansion. Have coffee or tea in the garden, and then make your way to Milledgeville, a town boasting stately southern mansions and gracious garden gates. Formerly home to Georgia’s governors, the Old Governor’s Mansion has recently been restored to its original 1850s appearance and is now conducting in-depth curator’s tours. You can also visit Andalusia, where author Flannery O’Connor wrote some of her works. to ensure that you don’t miss any of the spectacular architecture Milledgeville has to offer, take a guided historic trolley tour through the town.

As your trek down the trail is nearing its end, you’ll pass through Jones County and the Old Clinton Historic District, a quaint town from the early 1800s. visit the Jarrell Plantation, a cotton plantation that was owned by a single family for more than 140 years.

The final town on the trail is Macon, the song and soul of the south. an eclectic fusion of amazing architecture like the Cannonball House blends smoothly with urban downtown. Visit Macon’s historic homes, interactive museums and unique attractions with around town tours. Conclude your journey at the 1842 Inn, located in historic in-town Macon. It’s a magnificent symbol of elegance and genteel southern hospitality. Come and sip a mint julep or discover a hidden memory in these communities that serve as an exquisite reminder of a bygone era – an era now “Gone with the Wind.”

Historic Sites

Antebellum Trail Historic Towns


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