Georgia's Native American Heritage Tour

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Travel the scenic route of the Chieftains Trail through the Appalachian foothills to explore northwest Georgia's Native American heritage, allowing for 2.5 days to travel the 150 mile trail.  Immerse yourself in a time belonging to three distinct Native cultures: Mississippian, Creek and Cherokee.  Poignant reminders of the infamous Trail of Tears are found along the route at key sites. Begin your trip in Cartersville at the Etowah Indian mounds, the most intact Mississippian Culture site in the Southeastern United States.  From Cartersville, travel west to Rome’sChieftains Museum, the original home of prominent Cherokee leader, Major Ridge.  End your day with a Southern family-style dinner at the Partridge Café, a cozy, welcoming diner known as a Rome landmark for more than 60 years.  Stay overnight at the Claremont House Bed & Breakfast, an elegant 1882 Victorian Gothic listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  While in Rome, make sure to stop downtown and take in some shopping to experience southern hospitality at its best.  From Rome, travel north to Calhoun, home of the New Echota State Historic Site.  Among the significant events taking place here were the signing of the treaty which relinquished Cherokee claims to lands east of the Mississippi River and the assembly of Indians for removal west on the infamous Trail of Tears. Continue further north to Chatsworth’s Chief Vann House, the "Showplace of the Cherokee Nation” and one of the best-preserved Cherokee plantation homes.  While in Chatsworth, eat dinner at El Pueblito Mexican Restaurant for great authentic cuisine and then spend the night at Fort Mountain State Park where you can choose between camping and cottages.

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Georgia's Native American Heritage Tour


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