The Rock Ranch in The Rock, Georgia

Six Georgia Trails that Don't Require Hiking Boots

Fall is the perfect time to explore Georgia's many awesome hiking trials. But, did you know there are lots of trails in the state that don't require walking through the woods? The following six trails let you experience the state in a unique way. 

Georgia's Barbecue Trail

Old Clinton Bar-B-Q in Milledgeville, Georgia

CNN named Georgia one of the best barbecue states, and in 2015, Joe's BBQ in Blue Ridge captured the honor of Best BBQ in America. Sufficed to say, Georgia has some great ‘que. The problem with great barbecue joints is they aren't always the easiest to find. The best ones are usually a little off the main drag. You know you've found a good one when that dusty road opens up to a parking lot packed with cars. To help you find the best spots, Georgia's Historic Heartland region has put together this Brews & Q's Trail.

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Georgia's Antebellum Trail

Antebellum Trail Bicycle Route

Tara may have been a fictional place in Gone With the Wind, but you can still find the grandeur of the antebellum era along the Antebellum Trail in Georgia. This trail starts in Athens, home to the University of Georgia. It winds through Watkinsville to Madison, the town Sherman spared on his march to the sea. In addition to antebellum homes, Eatonton, the next stop on the tour, is also famous as the home of Brer Rabbit and the Uncle Remus Museum. Milledgeville, the first capital of Georgia is next, followed by Gray and finally Macon, the City Where Soul Lives.

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Georgia's Undead Trail

Covington Courthouse. Photo Credit: Jordan Wright

Sip vampire wine in Covington, the real Mystic Falls from the hit TV series "The Vampire Diaries." Meet Rick Grimes, the protagonist from "The Walking Dead" in the flesh in Senoia, the real life Woodbury. Georgia's Undead Trail follows the path of destruction left by TV's most famous vampires and zombies. Don't worry, that's all make believe, but the delicious restaurants, fun shops for fans and fun photos opps are all real.

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Georgia Water Trails

Kayaking in Georgia

What is a water trail you ask? It's basically a hiking trail on the water. There are 15 different water trials throughout Georgia and a number of outfitters that can take you on a guided tour or gear you up for a do-it-yourself trip.

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Georgia Grown Trails

Pick the perfect pumpkin and take perfect family photos at The Rock Ranch in The Rock, Georgia, on Trail 41.

Pick fruit right off the vine, sip local wines at the vineyard, pick up farm fresh produce at a local stand, or stop by a farm-to-table restaurant for lunch, then head home with some locally made treats from the corner shop. That's the idea behind Georgia's agricultural trails highlighting the state's rural areas. Trail 37 runs east-west through South Georgia, stretching 157 miles from Homerville in south central Georgia to the Alabama line at Fort Gaines. Trail 41 is a north-south trail stretching from Barnesville and The Rock to the Florida line; and Trail 301 is a north-south trail along the eastern portion of the state. It follows State Route 301 through eight Georgia counties from Sylvania to Folkston.

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Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale

Peaches to Beaches, held annually on the second Friday and Saturday in March, is the largest yard sale in Georgia. - GDECD Photography

This trail, dubbed Georgia's Longest Yard Sale, is more than 200 miles of treasure hunting bliss. The trail begins in Perry and runs all the way to the Golden Isles on the Georgia coast. The official event is held each March, but you can take the Hwy 341 historical driving tour anytime.

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Published: October 2017
Written by: Sue Rodman