Wild Rumpus Halloween Parade and Spectacle

Event Date

Saturday, October 31, 2020
All Day


Dates & times for October 2020
Saturday, October 31, 2020 All Day


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Athens GA 30601


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Wild Rumpus Pirate Brigade
Wild Rumpus in Athens

The Wild Rumpus is Athens' biggest costume parade and Halloween party. The vision of The Wild Rumpus is to provide an organized avenue for the massive array of Athens creativity which manifests with such awesome power every Halloween.

Shifting the context to fit the times, the organizers have planned a socially-distanced Rumpus for 2020- A "Rumpus-In-Place"!! People can parade in their homes and yards, in their neighborhoods, in Nature… wherever, as long as it's safe with respect to coronavirus! This big, beloved Rumpus becomes a million Micro-Rumpuses… You can do it in your safe family pod or safe roommate/friend group, as a couple, or even as one person. RUMPUS OF ONE!!! Who's down?? Let the seeds of the Wild Rumpus dandelion travel far on the wind, spreading wonder and joy.

Since most people will not choose to trick-or-treat this year due to pandemic concerns, the Wild Rumpus in this description is a great solution for people who want to celebrate Halloween safely.

This year's Rumpus will feature:

  • A Virtual Art Show
  • An Auction Fundraiser
  • A Socially-Distanced "Rumpus-In-Place" Parade
  • A 30-minute Online Wild Rumpus Halloween "Holiday TV Special" to air on Halloween before the Rumpus!
  • A Collective Online Rumpus Experience, with platforms for sharing photos, videos, and live-streaming before, during, and after the parade.
Join in the fun, join in the Rumpus!

Facility Amenities
  • Parking on Site
  • Accessible by Public Transportation
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  • LGBT
General Information
  • Free Admission