Chana Rothman

Atlanta Jewish Music Fest Pushes Bounds, Stirs the Soul

As board president of the 9th Annual Atlanta Jewish Music Festival (AJMF), it has been not just my duty, but my privilege to introduce the Atlanta community to music that pushes the bounds of what most consider "Jewish." When people think of Jewish music, they recall resounding operatic hebrew from the mouths of Cantors upon the bima. They envision frenzied men in tall hats and black suits pin wheeling around a wedding dance floor. Or, perhaps they think "Fiddler on the Roof." Jewish music is so much more.

The Atlanta Jewish Music Festival, March 8-25, 2018, prides itself on the diversity of its music and its musicians. Our Jewish musicians are from throughout the world and hail from a dozen cultures. Our 9th annual spring fest lineup includes world music, rock, folk, traditional and even hip hop!

No matter your musical preference, age, geographic location or religious affiliation, AJMF9 has something for you. The festival consistently works to identify and engage new musical acts while respecting and celebrating truly timeless Jewish music.

Here are six events you don’t want to miss!

AJMF9 Opening Night Featuring Tsvey Brider and Beyond the Pale

Tsvey Brider: Dmitri Gaskin and Anthony Russell
Tsvey Brider: Dmitri Gaskin and Anthony Russell

AJMF9 kicks off on Thursday, March 8 with a fantastic show at City Winery. Classic Yiddish music and Klezmer dances come together in a night of unique genre-blending celebration.

AJMF9 Shimon Robot at Atlanta Science Festival

This event marks the first collaboration between AJMF and the Atlanta Science Festival. Gil Weinberg's Shimon Robot, the music playing robot, will share the stage with a robot comedian and many more interactive displays showcasing the new heights of this technology.

AJMF9 Cantor's Couch

Cantor Jack Mendelson
Cantor Jack Mendelson

This fantastic production tells the real-life stories of Cantor Jack Mendelson, painting a picture of a bygone day in Jewish America when Jews would flock to synagogue to hear the golden voices of cantors as if it were a concert hall. This show is sure to please with a wonderful combination of comedic timing and masterful storytelling.

AJMF9 Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues
Yemen Blues

This concert is presented as the first part of the 2018 Molly Blank Jewish Concert Series. Yemen Blues mixes Yemeni and West African influences with contemporary grooves, so come prepared to dance!

AJMF9 Chana Rothman Young Families Concert

There's something for everyone at AJMF9, and this family concert is no exception. This intimate performance is perfect for younger AJMF fans and their families, as Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Chana Rothman combines folk, world beats and hip-hop, aiming to break down barriers towards consciousness and change.

AJMF9 ATL Collection Presents Billy Joel's "The Stranger"

AJMF is proud to, once again, collaborate with ATL Collective to bring to life Billy Joel's fifth studio album "The Stranger." Visiting pianist Jacob Jeffries will join Atlanta musicians to bring back great memories as you rock out to these classic tunes.

For a full list of AJMF9 events, check out our online calendar. We hope you expand your musical horizons and join us for this year’s Atlanta Jewish Music Festival!

Published: February 2018