Sweetwater Paddler

Become a Park Paddler at Sweetwater Creek State Park

Get off the beaten path and onto the water trails of Georgia State Parks! The Park Paddlers Club offers visitors 24 miles of scenic water trails, at six diverse waterways. Plus, you’ll earn a commemorative t-shirt.

Nestled in the forest of Sweetwater Creek State Park, is a serene water trail just a short drive from Atlanta.The gentle water of George Sparks Reservoir is where I first learned to paddle a kayak. This is our first time rowing as Park Paddlers. The club encourages paddlers to follow the perimeter of the reservoir on a 3-mile water trail.  We take two tandem kayaks to ensure both children have an adult by their side. I enjoy paddling as a bonding experience with my kids. We glide along the reservoir bank, noticing the first signs of spring.

A visit to the bait shop allows paddlers to pick their paddle and lifejacket. Choose between kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboards. Ask about the Park Paddlers Club to pick up your membership card. You’ll need it to receive your reward for paddling at all six parks.

Sweetwater Creek State Park also schedules ranger-led paddles. These group events help uneasy paddlers build confidence in a supportive setting.


Published: March 2015