Buckboard Bacon

Delicious Georgia Bacon at Carroll’s Sausage

Fresh cut lemon, clothes drying in the dryer and bacon frying in a hot skillet. These are three of my very favorite smells in the world… and I’m sure I’m not alone here, especially when it comes to the bacon! I have friends that consider bacon its own food group and vegetarians that will occasionally ‘fall off the wagon’ for a BLT.  Maybe it’s the smoky aroma, the chewy fat or the salty sweet flavor that a crisp slice of bacon offers you, making it the #1 breakfast food here in Georgia.

Whatever it is, good bacon is worth its weight in gold and the drive to any one of the four Carroll’s Sausage and Country Store locations. Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store began in 1988 with a humble dream and a time-honored sausage recipe. Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store now offers dozens of specialty sausages, a full line of exceptional meats and hundreds of different grocery items. I first tried their Buckboard Bacon at last year’s Georgia State Fair in Perry, and immediately fell in love! They take premium Boston butts and cure them with a mixture of garlic and peppers, then smoke them to perfection resulting in a lean slice of smoked goodness. Not a fan of Boston butt? Do not despair because Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store offers seven different types of bacon-so you’re bound to find one you love!


Published: August 2015