Richland Rum

Georgia Grown: Richland Rum


What: Richland Rum

Where: Richland, Georgia

Who: Erik & Karin Vonk (owners) & Jay McCain (Master Distiller)

The Story: Erik Vonk, originally from Holland, came to the United States in 1992 to bring the Dutch-based staffing company Randstad to the states. While in America, Erik decided to purchase a large piece of rolling land outside of Richland, an area with a history of sugarcane farming, beginning his mission to make grow, distill and barrel-age his own sugarcane. What began as a hobby became a full-fledged business in 2011 when Erik and Jay McCain, Master Distiller, created their first 300 cases of Richland Rum. In an industry dominated by large-scale production, the Richland Rum team produces their rum on a much smaller scale and completely by hand using only fresh pure sugarcane juice or condensed sugarcane juice with the water taken out, never molasses. Richland Rum is now officially for sale in shops, bars and restaurants near Richland and in Atlanta.


Find out where you can buy Richland Rum here.


The Richland Rum distillery is open for tours and tastings. Make your reservations here.


Karin Vonk & Erik Vonk, owners and Jay McCain , Master Distiller
Karin Vonk & Erik Vonk, owners and Jay McCain , Master Distiller



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Published: March 2013