Atlanta city street. Photo by @cutlerc

Atlanta | Photo by @cutlerc

Plan Your Fall 'Safecation' Now

Be sure to follow Georgia’s "Four Things for Fall" to help keep you (and others) safe.

Autumn is here in Georgia. The air is crisp, and every corner of the state is painted with the bright colors of fall. As you make plans for a road trip or take a hike to admire the fall foliage, be sure to follow Georgia’s "Four Things for Fall" to help keep you (and others) safe. Each of these simple prevention measures will make sure you have a perfect fall "safecation."

Four Things for Fall

Shopping in downtown Thomasville, Georgia. Photo by @thomasvillega
Shopping in downtown Thomasville, Georgia. Photo by @thomasvillega
Wear a face covering in public.

Before you head out, grab a mask! No matter where you go in Georgia, it’s important for you to wear a mask, especially in public spaces. It’s always good to protect yourself, and it’s kind to protect your fellow travelers.

Stay six feet away from others.

There’s plenty of room to spread out in Georgia, and that’s a good thing! Staying six feet away from others outside of your party is a great way to safely enjoy the fall season.

Wash your hands frequently.

Take a break from all the leaf-peeping and wash those hands! Remember to wash your hands as often as possible - for 20 seconds - with soap and water. If you’re not near a sink, hand sanitizer will do the trick. Remember to pack a bottle with you just in case!

Follow the public health guidelines.

And last, but certainly not least, follow the health guidelines the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health have created. They are designed to ensure that all residents and visitors stay healthy. Before you travel, become familiar with the guidelines so you’ll have the most current information and guidance.

Savannah. Photo by @emilymahjoub
Savannah photo by @emilymahjoub

Yep. It’s that simple! Follow the "Four Things for Fall," and we can all safely travel throughout Georgia this fall. As you start making plans, check out our "How to travel safely in Georgia" info to help answer any questions and address concerns you might have. You can also find up-to-date information on our COVID-19 resources page here. So, grab your mask, get a pumpkin spice latte, and head out to safely explore some of Georgia’s most breathtaking and interesting destinations.

Published: October 2020