The Chai Box based in Marietta, Georgia

The Chai Box: This Marietta Business is All About Family Traditions

Nothing warms you better in the cold of winter than a hot cup of tea. I've recently become obsessed with Chai, specifically the Chai blends introduced by Marietta company The Chai Box.

The Chai Box was started by Monica Sunny and her sister Nikki, who grew up together in an Indian household drinking Chai since they were 2 years old (and blending their own teas since they were 12).

Monica Sunny visiting a tea plantation in India
Monica Sunny visiting a tea plantation in India

Monica recently told me about how she introduced Chai to her own children at an early age. They created a special ritual around making Chai together, which evolved into creating new blends together as the boys grew. She said that she recently sent them off to college with their own "Chai Box" – a special box of spices carefully curated to assist them in their everyday tea creations.

Friends asked the sisters for blend recipes, then asked them to create gift boxes for others…and a business was born.

"We have taken our mother’s recipes, along with generations before them, and created east and west fusion blends and products," Monica told me.

You can purchase your own Chai Box, or select one of the blends. Of course, you’ll want some Chai for yourself…but they make great gifts, as well.

Chai, a warming spiced milk tea
Chai, a warming spiced milk tea

My boys are drinking All Chai’d Up this winter (with more milk than tea, as I ease them into it!) Punjaban Party radiates the flavors of ginger, cardamom and fennel; it is especially soothing to the stomach. And Sweet Monsoon includes coconut and mango for a rich but calming experience.

Start your own soothing family tradition with The Chai Box, which can be found at various stores around the state, including Georgia-owned The Cook’s Warehouse and SAMA Food for Balance in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. Follow The Chai Box on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Pro tip: Monica shared that Chai means tea, so no need to say you are brewing Chai tea…you’re simply brewing Chai!

Published: December 2017
Written by: Lesli Peterson
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