The Spookiest Places in Georgia

Instead of just listening to a good ghostly tale, why not visit the actual setting of the story where you can actually feel the presence of the spirits. Here are three of the spookiest places in Georgia. A visit to any of these is sure to get the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.

The Windsor Hotel in Americus

Windsor Hotel
Windsor Hotel

Legend has it that at night you can hear the laughter of a little girl running down the halls. The hotel was built in 1892, and the girl is said to be the daughter of a former housekeeper. The housekeeper and girl were pushed down the elevator shaft in the early 1900s and have haunted the hotel ever since. Floyd Lowery is another Windsor Hotel employee that loves the hotel so much he can’t leave. He served as a doorman and elevator man for 40 years, and is apparently still quite helpful. The hotel celebrates their paranormal activity with a 45-minute guided tour highlighting the deep history of the hotel, as well as the ghost stories. More haunted hotels here.

The Old Medical College and Cedar Grove CemeteryAugusta

The Old Medical College and Cedar Grove Cemetery in Augusta
The Old Medical College and Cedar Grove Cemetery in Augusta

When you learn the true history behind the ghosts at the Old Medical College of Georgia, you can understand why they still haunt the place. Of course, budding doctors performed many autopsies here to learn their profession, but when you learn that the bodies were buried in the basement, it gets a bit creepy. Seems finding those cadavers was difficult, so the college hired a slave to dig up bodies in the nearby Cedar Grove Cemetery. The ghost of the Resurrection Man can sometimes be seen walking along the headstones.

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah (pictured at top of page)

Bonaventure Cemetery was made famous in the movie (and book) “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” but if you are looking for the bird girl statue from the book cover, it has been moved to the Telfair Museum. What you will find is the gravesite of songwriter Johnny Mercer, who wrote “Moon River.” Visit on the second Sunday of each month for free walking tours from the Bonaventure Historical Society. On other days, stop by the Visitors Center for a copy of the Historical Society Guide, which gives a history of the property and residents. You can also take guided tours of the cemetery with Bonaventure Journeys with Shannon Scott and Savannah Bonaventure Dash ToursMore Georgia cemeteries here.

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Published: August 2016