Unicorn Macarons at Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe in Duluth, Georgia

Unicorns DO exist . . . and they live in Duluth, Georgia

Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe in Duluth has done the seemingly impossible by combining the art of baking with the whimsy of folklore in beautifully decorated Unicorn Macarons. Born by the huge demand for their strawberry-filled Unicorn Cakes, Mac Lab Bakery decided to add a new macaron to their already impressive list of flavors, and the Unicorn Macaron was born.



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Macarons are made of superfine sugar, egg whites and almond flour, which makes them — by definition — gluten free! Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe takes that culinary magic a step further by using non-GMO almond flour, filling their macarons with a creamy Fruity Pebble laced filling, and decorating them with adorable unicorn faces . . . and golden horns! 

The Unicorn Macarons are so unique that, like the unicorns of old, everyone wants one. People are driving to the Duluth bakery in droves to try these beauties. Because they are so popular, quanities are limited to two per person! They And, they do not do hold or mail orders for those of you hoping to beat the system.

Read more about Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe owners Jack and Lan Cheng from ExploreGwinnett.org.

Photo Credit: Explore Gwinett
Photo Credit: Explore Gwinett

Although the Unicorn Macarons are my favorite (I appreciate the magic involved in making them), there are other unicorn-inspired goodies to be had at this French-style bakery. There is the above-mentioned Unicorn Cake, which is beautifully decorated and sprinkled with lots and lots of "disco glitter," and their buttery Unicorn Cookies. 

Published: March 2017
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