The history of the City of Grantville can be traced back to 1852. The original name for our city was Calico Corner.

Calico Corner, Willow Dell and Bullsboro were early settlements around the newly established county seat of Newnan in 1828. By 1840, orderly streets lined with mansions and cottages reflected the growing prosperity of Coweta County. At mid-century, the railroads brought greater fortune and sophistication and saw the community nomenclature changing. Calico Corner became Grantville.

Grantville still retains the charm and appearance of a scene straight out of the past! Probably the city's most notable claim to fame is the popular A & E television series using Grantville as the location for several episodes of "The Walking Dead." As a result of this filming, Grantville has experienced a growth in its tourist industry, with visitors coming from all over the world to catch a glimpse of specific sites where zombies have roamed.

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