Mt. Airy
Mt. Airy

Known for years as an exclusive resort town, summer homes, tourist cottages and hotels were built in Mount Airy during the late 1800s and early 1900s to provide lodging for visitors. Today, echoes of the past may be found in the residences and other buildings that remain from its heyday as a resort town. Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mount Airy is a popular destination for visitors who enjoy fishing, hiking and camping in the Lake Russell Recreation Area.

Mount Airy was established in 1874 when a station on the Richmond and Danville Railroad was built at the highest elevation between New Orleans and New York. Founded and developed by Colonel M.C. Wilcox, a railroad promoter who moved here from Knoxville, Tenn., the site overlooked the whole range of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northeast Georgia. Located in Habersham County, the community was named for its elevation of 1,545 feet.

Mt. Airy is a town with a fascinating history, wonderful churches and historic places. The residents of Mt. Airy have a great deal of pride in their town, which is a thriving community with beautiful residential areas and a hometown atmosphere.

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Local: (706) 778-6990
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