Start your visit to Roberta in the replicated Roberta Depot, home to the Visitors and Information Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. Experience the walk through historic century-old buildings depicting architecture in brick and remnants of the A&F Railroad. Directions will be provided to the gravesite of Benjamin Hawkins and Monument in Historic Downtown Roberta; peach packing plants, tours at our agritourism farms; and groundhog kiln located at the Knoxville Bottom. 

Dine at any of our restaurants, offering specialty dishes in a romantic tea house or quick meals in a casual dining atmosphere. 

Roberta celebrated a rich 100 years in 2010. It was established on land gifted for the location of the A&F Railroad in August 1888 by Hirram David McCrary. As a token of appreciation, the permanent name of Roberta was given, replacing the name "New Knoxville." Roberta was the name of McCrary's youngest daughter.

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Visitor Information Center

38 Wright Ave.
Roberta, GA
Local: (478) 836-3825
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