Person watching whale shark at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, the biggest in the Western Hemisphere

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

It's Time for a City Adventure in Georgia

You're ready to reconnect. To rediscover. To re-energize! Make it happen in the vibrant cities of Georgia, where unforgettable sights and adventures are served up with Southern hospitality. Feel the soulful vibe of an ever-changing, up-for-anything urban landscape in Atlanta. Gaze over the Savannah skyline and watch for patterns of constant motion on the streets below. Reserve your spot for experiences you've been dreaming of for years. Look high and low. Find a new view. It's all waiting for you.

Plan your next getaway to one of Georgia's incredible cities with travel tips in the guides below. Find the hottest things to do in the capital city, Atlanta; must-sees in coastal Savannah; and surprising finds in Athens, Macon and Columbus. For even more trip ideas, scroll down to get your free Explore Georgia Official Travel Guide. 

2024 Explore Georgia Travel Guide four covers

Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia's Official State Travel Guide is your resource for travel inspiration in Georgia. Find trip ideas, attractions, travel tips, and much more.

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