Starr's Mill with waterfall in Fayetteville, near Senoia, Georgia. Photo by @benjamingalland

Escape to Georgia's Small Towns

Here in Georgia, you'll find charming small towns tucked into mountainsides, scattered among rolling farmlands, and dotted along the coast. These places are quintessential Georgia, captivating in both their beauty and uniqueness. And, a small town with a small footprint is a great place to duck the crowds and find some space.

Shop in locally owned boutiques featuring handcrafted treasures by regional artists. Dine on hometown favorites made with recipes handed down for generations, and stop into craft breweries to sample flavors you won't find in stores. Relax in cozy accommodations made warmer by the generous hospitality of your hosts, and visit with locals ready to share secrets about the must-see natural wonders around town.

Georgia's small towns might be off the beaten path, but that's the way they like it. And, that's what makes the trip even more worth it.

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